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Nkporo Poems

I love Nkporo; my proud community that spans across eight beautiful villages.
Welcome to Elughu Nkporo with her high mountains, cool temperature and serene atmosphere. The greetings due the firstbornremain with you!
Is it Etitiama? The cradle of education with her vast landscape, ancient histories and a vivacious youth population?
Go to Amurie and you will see beauty at its peak with high spirited, hardworking but fun loving people.
I went across to Obuofia and I saw unity of purpose at its best. I realized that number is not as important as the power of joint communal energy.
Then, I journeyed to Ndi Nko and I beheld the joyful faces of beautiful and fresh maidens, ripe and ready to be plucked!
Hey, Okwoko popped out, attracting my attention with her well paved streets and street names, bustling with her ambitious and easy going population.
Again, I travelled to Agbaja, the land of great warriors and the custodians of the ancient landmarks and mysteries of our times.
At last I got to Ukwa, the crib of Christianity; the lion that lies across the great Ironyi river! The oil community with her prosperous sons and daughters spread across vast arable lands, wrapped in mangrove beauty.
I turned around, and I saw men and women speaking with one voice. I saw eight people knitted tightly together by one force; their hospitality, generosity and warmth.

NKPORO here we come. Your sons and daughters in Diaspora hail you. The great buffalo that swallowed the elephant, joo kwa,kaa nka, ndee wo! Hand in hand we would work together at home and abroad to restore your dignity and troubled glory. We salute you our motherland.

Nkporo okwo, mma mma ni wo!


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