The Nkporo Development Union, U.S.A. is a social, cultural, and philanthropic non-profit organization free from any political bias or inclination.

Our Aims and Objectives are as follows:
1) To promote the social well being of its members;
2. To promote unity and harmony among the people of Nkporo in the United States of
America (“USA”).
3. To promote, preserve and protect the cultural heritage, history and traditions of the
Nkporo people.
4. To promote and cultivate the culture of Nkporo among our children in the USA.
5. To promote economic development of Nkporo and keep abreast of home activities
under this association.
6. To encourage cooperation among Nkporo indigenes and coordinate the holding of
regional or branch meetings and conferences where the members can meet and
7. To promote and participate in the social economic activities of our community
development in particular and America in general.